Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Office 2007 Classic Menu

When I got the new version of Office I was stunned. Where did my "File, Edit, View ..." menus go? These are menus that I have used for at least 11 years. I've been reduced to the same hunt and pecking that my parents do. Microsoft's organization only barely makes sense. Further, the change goes against everything Microsoft (and McDonald's) was built on, uniformity. As a Windows programmer, everything I've ever read from or have been taught by the boys in Redmond is that every program should look alike so that a user can easily learn to use a new one. As the philosophy goes, if you've learned one program, you've learned them all. What's happened now - Microsoft has abandoned uniformity and ease of learning. In fact, its illegal for developers to even use the ribbon in their programs. Thats ridiculous.
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If you share my sentiment, check out Classic Menu. It will give you back the menus from previous versions of Word and Office.
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