Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Links

"Weekly Links" is a feature each Monday on Tech of Law reviewing several articles that may be of interest to Tech-aware attorneys.  Most were not the subject of a post during the week so it's worth the time to visit each link.

  • Attribute Changer
    "a free right-click utility, gives you total control over everything reported by a file to your system. Right-click one or many files and choose "Change Attributes," and you can enable or disable read-only status, hiding, indexing, and even NTFS compression. You can change the file's date of creation, modification and last access, and tweak a photo's time of taking."

  • Brit Judges give up wigs
    "judges across civil courts break with 300 years of tradition and ditch their horsehair wigs for modern gowns."

  • The Cost of Not Going Digital
    If you have not yet made the move to keeping all of your documents digitally, I recommend that you check out this post.


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