Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekly Links

"Weekly Links" is a feature each Monday on Tech of Law reviewing several articles that may be of interest to Tech-aware attorneys.  Most were not the subject of a post during the week so it's worth the time to visit each link.

  •  Split or Merge PDF Files - gHacks reviews Adolix Split Merge PDF. A tool for, you guessed it, splitting and merging PDF documents.
  • iSearch People Finder - Lifehacker introduces us to iSearch, a handy new search service that combs social networking sites as well as more traditional 'people-finding' sources.  Can come in handy when you're looking for a deadbeat client.
  • Unbreak Copied PDF text - Anyone who's ever copied text from a PDF knows that with the text come the awkward line breaks.  This small application removes said line breaks.
  • MapQuest comes to BlackBerry - For you BlackBerry-ers...  Mapquest is here.

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  1. Just a reference back on how to unbreak Copied Text From PDF Documents, this post taught how to create a Word macro for the same purpose: