Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly Links

"Weekly Links" is a feature each Monday on Tech of Law reviewing several articles that may be of interest to Tech-aware attorneys.  Most were not the subject of a post during the week so it's worth the time to visit each link.

  • Comcast to make monthly internet usage cap official - This may be old news to some, and is not overtly related to the focus of this site, but is an interesting development.  For those who have not followed the net neutrality movement and this indirect threat to it read the story for some background.  Aside from the illegal activities that are (arguably) the target of these limits these can effect several legitimate high-bandwith activities, such as previously mentioned FolderShare.
  • Puretext via Lifehacker - Lifehacker highlights PureText, which strips text of formatting when pasting into a new document. (Similar to the Paste Special feature in Word).
  • 10 Awesome Blackberry Apps - DownloadSquad reviews 10 applications of varying degrees of use for an attorney with a Blackberry...  OK, most of them are useless to attorneys unless you want to see if your client is logged into facebook or play some sudoku.
  • 20 Tech Habits to Improve your life - PC World runs down 20 ways your life can be improved, whether it be saving time, saving money, or to-do lists and reminders.
  • How to Set Up a Laptop Security System - If your laptop was stolen or misplaced today what would you do?  Lifehacker runs down some strategies to keep your data private and catch the thief.
  • Does your Managing Partner or GC Blog? - Ron at Strategic Legal Technology relates a story of a University president using blogs for internal communication and feels the higher up's in your lawfirm should consider it as well. If they do they may want to check out DownloadSquad's 10 essential blogging tools.
  • Track Comments about you or your firm online WisBlawg covers how to track what people are saying about you.  Mike covered a method for doing this earlier using Google Alerts.
  • LexisOne Extended - WisBlawg reports that WSLL @ YourService reports that LexisOne now offers 10 years of free caselaw instead of 5.
  • Naked Estates Expose Your Family Jewels - This post made the list simply because of it's entertaining title. We all know that not enough people have a will, that is the point of this post.


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