Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Problem Solved - Losing changes in a document opened in an e-mail

In my opinion Outlook has a major bug. When you open a document out of an Outlook e-mail, it is stored in some mysterious nether region. When you make changes in the document, you are forever unable to discover where the document is saved. Further, running a Find for the erroneously saved document yields nothing. My coworkers are constantly having this problem. Microsoft could easily solve this by making the temporary file read only so that you would be forced to save the file somewhere else when you diligently hit the save button - but hey, who am I to say.

Anyway, that mysterious location on my system is C:\Documents and Settings\[INSERT YOUR MY DOCUMENTS FOLDER NAME]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK7. I'm running XP with Outlook 2003. This is going to be different in a different version of Windows and with different versions of Outlook - THANKS MICROSOFT!

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