Friday, August 15, 2008

FREEBIE: Macro-enabled template

Rest assured. We're both still alive. Decompressing after the bar exam turned into a couple of week ordeal for me as I had to quickly drive west river for a funeral, and then, since the Olympics started I've been a pretty hardcore Phelps Phan. Now my wife has told me in no uncertain terms that if she has to watch one more preliminary heat she'll... well, I'll save you from the gory details.

So with nothing more holding me back it's time to tackle the holy grail of word processing efficiency, macro enabled templates. Click on the image below to download a FREE template that we'll create using the upcoming guide. Feel free to use this as you wish (works with Microsoft Office only, when opening the file you'll have to select "allow macros".)

And for all you teach-me-to-fish types out there. The guide will start on Tuesday.


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